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For some time Tania Bertaldi reduslim contraindicaciones best reviews develops with dynamism and fervent inspiration, figurative and abstract pictorial expressions.
The encoding of analysis and synthesis, through careful research, creates a transition between absolute perfection and manifestation dream.
Tania borns in Chieri in 1970 and she takes a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Torino.
A series of solo and group exhibitions in her increase the awareness of a strong vocation intimate animated by a continuous stylistic analysis.


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style=”text-align: center;”>collective painting at Villa Tesoreria di Torino


second prize ‘Mario Soldati’ delivered by Centro Pannunzio Torino_ art conference exhibition about Burri  and Fontana_


art competition at Museo d’arte Contemporanea di Mombercelli Asti
collective of etchings ‘segni e parole’ at Biblioteca Nazionale di Torino
collettive ‘ of sign’ at Il Senso del Segno di  Torino
collettive ‘big card in small format’ at Il Senso del Segno di Torino


collective of etchings at Reggia di Venaria di Torino
collective ‘Torino e la Sindone’  Gran Tour di Torino and Ecomuseo del Moncenisio


collective painting ‘Rifrazione del Contemporaneo’ at Torino Art Gallery
collective painting at Arte Città Amica di Torino


collective ‘Risorgimento Inciso’ for 150 years of Italian Unity at Palazzo D’Oria di Ciriè


170° art exhibition at reduslim contraindicaciones best reviews Promotrice di Belle Arti di Torino


171° art exhibition at Promotrice di Belle Arti di Torino
collectives at Spazio Arte Castello di Torino


172° art exhibition at Promotrice di Belle Arti di Torino
collective  ‘E’ vento di streghe’ at Villa Ogliani di Rivara


174° art exhibition at Promotrice di Belle Arti di Torino

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